Contact & Sales



Please, if you are interested on a painting, please contact me.

Private sales: (Some paintings are accepted to shows and reserved, or are showing in events around the world.  Other paintings are available for immediate sale, please contact me for details).

  • National buyers: Direct and safe payment with PayPal only.  No personal checks are accepted. Unframed items only with free shipping.

  • International buyers:  Direct and safe payment with PayPal and buyers will pay shipping and customs fees (if applicable).  Please contact me, and I will send you an invoice. Unframed items only.   EMS and FedEx prices for shipping an unframed paintings will need to be checked, the fees are increasing day to day.

Currency:   Prices in US dollars.

Payment: Paypal only, you will have the option to pay with a credit card or debit on the Paypal link. No personal checks are accepted.

Other online outlets:

Returns NO RETURNS. All sales are final.



Please, send me an email, and schedule a Teams or Zoom conference.


a) virtual tutorial classes: Step-by-step classes are available on regular bases, via Teams, one-hour class per week, price $30.

b) Critique: via Teams or Zoom, about 30 minutes, recommended only for intermediate or advanced students, price  $100.

b) Painting Holidays: Come paint with me, small groups or private paint-outs

  • Constructive critique is available all times;

  • Formal instruction can be scheduled;

  • Flexible dates during Spring, Summer and Fall;

  • Students should have basic experience with watercolor techniques;

  • Stay comfortably in a hotel of your own choosing.

All ages are welcome; however, a person must be able to walk/hike a couple of km carrying painting gear to reach some of the locations.  French and Portuguese available!


I still consult on regular basis, but online only - because of the covid-19.  Readings prices are US$150 for transits (about 60 minutes), US$200 for natal chart (about 90 to 120 minutes) and US$300 for synastry and composites (120+ minutes).  After 30 years of experience, my advice is: astrology is a tool to show possibilities and available energies for a person, it does not take away free-will, it is not a substitute for common sense, and it is not a given-solution.  Date of birth, place of birth and time of birth are necessary for the readings.  Payment safe and secure by Paypal.

Due to the increasing number of people offering unsolicited services, contact has been deactivated.

Collectors can buy my art in shows, directly from the event, and in social media platforms.