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Artist Statement

"Painting for me is an unabridged experience of surrendering to the beauty of the universe that translates the manifestation of the Divine Presence."

Short Bio

Carl Sagan and Walt Disney were two of the most important people in my childhood.  While I learned to draw copying Mickey cartoons, I was fascinated by the series Cosmos. One had a whole world inside his head; the other had the starts and the planets. At the age of 5, I decided that I wanted to be a physicist.  I hold B.Sc. in Physics,  M.Sc. in Astrophysics, and  Ph.D. in Physics. I also have a B.A. in Literature. An artistic career was never an option for me, although I was accepted in architecture school, which is usually a path that leads to fine art later in life.  I lived in several different countries as a child and learned (and forgot) many languages. As an adult, I lived in France, Italy and Japan.  When I finally settled down in USA,  I had professor of physics position at Tuskegee University and, later on, at  San Jose State Univ.  


When life seemed perfect, G-d sent me one of those disguised blessings that looked pretty much like a curse: an illness.  I couldn't walk for a few months and I needed help to do everything. It was a terrible time, people thought the world was going to end and I wondered if I would live beyond 2012.  From high impact sports to barely moving, my life changed completely. As soon as I felt a little better,  I wrote a memoir, finished some fiction short stories and wrote a few children's books.  During the process of illustrating my stories, I started painting watercolors.  Somehow painting took its own path and, before I noticed, I was showing my work in events, galleries, and competitions.  in 2016 I started to paint professionally, when I was invited to join a gallery.

I'm a self-taught artist who learned from books and Youtube videos.  I use a limited palette of 5 or 6 colors. For paint, I like Holbein, Sennelier or M Graham.  For paper I most use Arches; other papers that I use eventually are Lanaquarelle and Sauders.  I'm not particularly picky about brushes; however, I own a variety of synthetic rounds and flats, and bristle and hake ones.  I like to find new ways to deposit paint on the paper and create new textures.  


2018 and 2019 have been incredible years of painting & traveling. I was accepted to several international and national shows, including the prestigious show of American Watercolor Society and several shows of International Watercolor Society.   I returned to France and Israel, once more, as painter, rather than a physicist.   

I manage my illness dutifully and I went back to work as a researcher.  As I continue to develop as a painter, I also grow as a physicist.  I see no separation or opposition since both research and painting require creativity and determination. I'm also an author of over 80 scientific articles in international indexed peer-reviewed journals in physics, chemistry and engineering.  

I'm currently signature member of Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and New Mexico Watercolor society, and associate member of American Watercolor Society, Texas Watercolor Society, North East Watercolor Society, and Arizona Art Association.


I live in New Mexico, USA,  with my husband, children, cats and orchids.    Feel free to contact me. 

I hope you will enjoy my art.





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