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All about me...



Artist Statement

"Painting for me is an unabridged experience of surrendering to the beauty of the universe that translates the manifestation of the Divine Presence."

Short Bio

I'm a self-taught artist who learned from books and Youtube videos.  I use a limited palette of 5 or 6 colors. For paint, I like Holbein, Sennelier or M Graham, and recently White Nights.  For paper I mostly use Arches; other papers that I use eventually are Lanaquarelle and Saunders.  I'm not particularly picky about brushes; however, I own a variety of synthetic rounds and flats.   I like to find new ways to deposit paint on the paper and create new textures, using other tools than a brush.


I hold B.Sc. in Physics,  M.Sc. in Astrophysics, and  Ph.D. in Physics. I also have a B.A. in Literature. I currently speak several languages and I believe I can only truly understand another culture when I'm able to communicate using their own language.  I lived in France, Italy and Japan, in order to advance my career in physics. When I finally settled down in USA,  I had professor of physics position at Tuskegee University and, later on, at  San Jose State Univ.

Believing I would die because of an illness,  I wrote a memoir, finished some short stories and wrote a few children's books.  During the process of illustrating my stories, I started painting watercolors in 2014.  Somehow painting took its own path and, before I noticed, I was showing my work in events, galleries, and competitions.  In 2016, I started to paint professionally, when I was invited to join a gallery.  Everything happened super fast, and I found myself invited to a festival in France in 2019 to where I showed 20 paintings and taught a workshop. I have received an invitation to teach a workshop in Morocco 2021 (TBA in the future).  My work has been shown in the media and my paintings can be found in collections around the world. 

I managed my illness dutifully and I went back to work as a physicist.  As I continue to develop as a painter, I also grow as a physicist.  I see no separation or opposition since both research and painting require creativity and determination. I'm also an author of over 80 scientific articles in international indexed peer-reviewed journals in physics, chemistry and engineering.

I live in New Mexico, USA,  with my husband, children, cats and plants. I'm very blessed to live in borrowed time.  

Feel free to contact me.   I hope you will enjoy my art.  

Carpe Diem!